Parts Work Combo

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Holmes’ keen understanding of IFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) is the basis for this clear and engaging guide to a deeper understanding of our inner life. He offers practical steps to help disentangle ourselves  from habitual patterns, and illuminates ways we cant use our particular talents positively. Sharon Eckstein’s evocative, sometimes humorous illustrations help bring these concepts to life.


Inner Active Cards are an accessible and effective way to give an image and voice to the sub-personalities within us called Parts. They expand  upon Tom Holmes’ Parts Work:  An Illustrated Guide to Your Inner Life (9780979889714), and were created to help users work with the various concepts.

Visit the Backwoods Press website: for: printable INSTRUCTIONS on how to use Inner Active Cards in therapy and for self-help; for case examples; information on how to order blank cards; how to make your own blanks from card stock; and so much more.

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